At what time should the submission for review by the ethics commission be made?

Submission for review must be made BEFORE the empirical research begins.
The empirical study may only be started once the ethics commission has given a positive vote.

Who is to make the submission for evaluation by the ethics commission?

The project leader must make the submission.

In the case of student qualification works or independent research works of students, the submission is made by the student after consultation with the supervisor of the research work. The supervisor who is also responsible for the project management (project leader) must be named in the submission.

The project leader is responsible for checking the quality and reliability of the data, i.e. the supervisor in the case of student work. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure data protection. The supervisor is ultimately responsible.

How is the submission for review by the ethics commission to be carried out?

Submissions must be made exclusively via the online submission system. Illustrated instructions are available for carrying out the submission.
All forms required for the submission are available for download. Only the forms provided are to be used.
Different forms are required depending on the research design and the group of study participants. Instructions for the selection of the forms can be found on the following slides.
To get access to the online submission system, the instructions for submission and to download the form sheets, please write an email to: .

How long does a review by the ethics committee take?

Submitters can expect a feedback from the Ethics Commission within two weeks. Submissions will not be processed during the semester break.